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Alex Gwartney
Alex Gwartney

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What I have been learning from the job hunt.

So as the title states I want this post to be about what I have learned from the dreaded job hunt so far.

I have recently, been applying for work, and going through the interview process. And I can say with out a shadow of a doubt, be prepared to be rejected. Because its going to happen a lot.

I don't say this to be negative, but Its more of a reality when hunting for your first job. You will get a ton of advice on how to go about doing it. But nobody really tells you just how dam hard it really is. Unless they are a new dev them self's.

My past three interviews I thought all went fairly well. Most specifically my last interview I just got done with. I went through three rounds of interviewing. All with high praise from the company all to just receive the "The decision came down to start up experience and a few more related projects.".

So this leads me to my one main piece of advice when job hunting managing your expectations. As its easier said than done. Its going to suck your going to get mad. Your going to want to quit, but don't.

Take the feed back take literally anything away from the interview that you can. Keep learning and filling in the gaps, and keep applying.

I'm contusing to follow this advice till I land a job. And I hope to come back here one day and follow up with this statement. But in the time being, just know its hard you will go through a lot of trial and error. And the biggest thing is manage your expectations, don't let these companies set your own self worth, and realize its just business..

Just know if your on the same path your not alone. But just because your not alone does not mean it doesn't suck. Embrace it learn from it move forward till you break through. As again the only person who is going to get you a job is your self.

Feel free to share your journey down below. And I hope you all who are the hunt best of luck as well!

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Just a suggestion, but when you leave the interview write down some notes about what happened. What seemed to go well, what things prompted more questions from the interviewer, etc. Then you can review these things later: identify areas you struggled with, etc.

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Ben Halpern

Nice post

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Viktoria Bors-Pajuste

I agree. Finding job is hard but every rejection gave me some feedback what I have changed for the next application πŸ™‚