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Discussion on: How Art School Prepared Me for Programming

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Alex Martini • Edited on

Love hearing about others who studied art and are now working as a developer! I switched majors from engineering to art, graduated with an art degree and then went right into web development. The most valuable thing I learned while in school was actually from an intro to drawing class, where the professor would walk around the class saying “remember, general to specific” what seemed like 100 times per class. At the time it drove me crazy, but now every time I get caught up in a tedious detail I can hear her saying “General to specific” and it forces me to move on 😊. Sure, it shouldn’t take a 4 year degree to learn that, but it definitely stuck with me!

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Anna Rankin Author

Hahaha I know that mantra! I found it annoying at the time as well, but it feels just as applicable today as it was then 😊 Thank you!