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Discussion on: Being Utterly Fearless in Your Pursuit of Learning to Code with Alex Morton

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Alex Morton Author

Hi Vaidehi! Thank you so much and thanks for leaving a comment here!

To answer your questions:

1) I think I realized tutorials were a bit of a crutch when I'd finish them and then immediately try to re-do what I'd learned and literally couldn't do anything. That's when I got the idea to repeat tutorial projects on my own multiple times until the concepts truly clicked in my brain.

2) For identifying knowledge gaps, I do this a lot when rebuilding tutorial projects on my own (explained above) in that I'll be building/coding and then if I don't understand how one part of the code fits in with the rest of the code, I'll leave myself a big, obvious comment to get back to later and to really try to understand it.

What has also helped me in the past is writing out the code by hand in a notebook or maybe a huge sheet of paper, and then that helps me put everything together in my head (as opposed to only seeing it in my code editor).