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re: You do have some points. Writing a webapp server in Spring Boot doesn't really feel like using OOP. However, OOP was essential to build the framewo...

Remember, inheritance in Java (and probably other languages) is achieved by composition - hence my perpetual confusion when I see the "composition over inheritance" argument. Just add the "super" structure as a field in your "derived" structure in Go and voila! instant inheritance. Well, not really, but close enough for a lot of cases I imagine.


Well, that's the JavaScript way of understanding OOP. Except that JavaScript at least traverses the super-chain for you in search for a property or method. Here you would have to do it manually. Doing polymorphic dispatches is also not really possible without language support. I don't want to imply that Go is a bad language, it just removes one of my most familiar tools from the toolbox, which makes me feel uneasy.

What can I say, life begins where your comfort zone ends ;)

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