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Discussion on: A working developer reviews freeCodeCamp (2019)

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Alex Parra • Edited

With nearly 20 years as a web developer I decided to go through the entire freeCodeCamp curriculum last month. My goal was the Node.js part as that’s what I’m less experienced with but went through it all just for kicks. Most of the RWD, JS and React was nothing new to me but the thing is there’s always a little gem you’ve forgotten or never gotten into. It happened. I did learn a few new things in every module.
So I’d say it’s well worth for everyone and not at all reason to be ashamed about going through it. Would recommend to anyone.
I’m now going through The Odin Project which is similar. Especially excited about the Node.js and the Rails modules.

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Alexis Ortiz Ojeda

Hi Alex! It's great to hear feedback from someone already in the field. From going through the curriculum, which sections do you recommend for a person going into front end development? Also did you feel that Data Structures and Algorithms section is a good way to learn what is needed for interviews focusing on DS & Alg's? Thanks!