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Discussion on: Fetching data with React the easy way

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Alfredo Salzillo

This is over complicated.

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artydev Author

I have cleaned up the example :-)

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artydev Author • Edited

Thank you Alfredo,

In fact this example put in evidence many concepts :

  • Unidirectional Data Flow (Sam Pattern)
  • Meioisis Pattern (implementation of Sam Pattern)
  • Timed Fetch Request.
  • Streams (reactive variables)
  • Merge State (deep merging objects)

Those are simple concepts, please see why I am using them in my previous posts, to understand their uses
But I understand why you say that. I have not taken time to comments.
I don't want to spend time to do it, if there is no interests.

Of course, I can answer all your questions, consider this example as a teasing :-)

To be complete I must say that the framework I use the most is Mithril.
Look at this : MithrilUsers