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Last year, I wanted to participate in Hacktoberfest, but was really spooked. After completing MWS, I feel much more confident. What advice do you have for someone new (like me last year/this year) who is worried they aren't good enough to contribute to open source?


First up, you are 1000% good enough to contribute to open source!

If you know how to code, great, but there are so many other aspects to open source too. The first few commits I did last Hacktoberfest were documentation updates—like fixing typos—and translating content from German to English (hello Babel Fish). For me, those minor contributions were a boost to my confidence which made me want to take on more. They helped me to get comfortable with git and GitHub again (I used it only a few times before).

Second, try not to be afraid to ask questions or offer new ideas. If you see an issue that looks like something you can handle claim it, or ask if it's ok to get started and go for it. I've yet to meet an open source maintainer that didn't respond to questions or offer feedback to guide you through the process.

Hopefully, you are less spooked this year! What aspect that you've learned in MWS would you like to try out in an open source project?


Today I dove in. Fixed a tiny CSS bug then moved onto adding a service worker to a hacktoberfest page. Open source is actually quite fun! Thank you!

There ya go! You're 1/5 of the way to getting that t-shirt 👻

Shannon, made it to 5/5 today. Certainly is interesting, and helping me understand github better slowly but surely.

Wow, that's awesome. Congrats! I need to catch up before all the t-shirts are taken :P


That's the problem I suppose. I felt quite lost. But after finding a project I committed to it and began just thinking "offline first... Mobile first". I suppose we have learned more than we thought :)

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