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Discussion on: help creating django REST API

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Farhad Ali Author

hi friends, thanks for you reply.

I know it's pointless. but this is an academic activity. I don't see the point of doing such a practice, but I'm supposed to do it anyway, so could you tell me what's the best way to do this?

so far what I have planned is that create a regular django project, and create URLs that match with the API#1 endpoints, and connect those URLs to their views and then inside views just get data in JSON from API#1 and return the same JSON data back. and have little error handling thrown it.

so what do you think? does that sound good enough for this job? let me know if there's a better way to do this. API#1 also involves few POST requests and most of the endpoints use Auth/login as well.

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Ted Ngeene

Oh, that makes more sense now.
So, your approach is fine. The authentication part would be a bit tricky but you can pass the token as a parameter in your headers as you're posting to API#1. Then the response you get, you dump it to the db of API#2.