Discussion on: Generating Image Thumbnails in the Browser using JavaScript and FilePond

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Stephen R. Smith

This looks absolutely fantastic! I've spent the last few hours trying to find some insight into how to use this with PreSigned URLs and S3, and while I have found other people looking for the same thing, I can't find any solutions.

It sounds like it should be possible, but I can't see a clear place to start.

Right now I have a set or array of files I iterate over, sending each to a Node backend to get a PreSigned S3 URL, then I POST the file to that URL directly from the front end. I don't see any way to hook into FilePond to leverage that mechanism.

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Rik Schennink Author

Glad to hear that! You can probably use this implementation as a starting point: github.com/pqina/filepond/issues/58