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Discussion on: Why isn't Functional Programming the Norm?

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Allan MacGregor 🇨🇦 Author

Would you say that the language support and features is a big deciding factor here? There is a huge difference between applying some FP concepts and truly designing/implementing applications using FP

For example you can do FP with PHP, but with so many trade-offs and considerations that might make adoption very difficult and not really valuable for the developers.

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Jeremy Forsythe

The biggest factor for my team is the pressure of forward progress. The amount of time needed to teach a dev Haskell and a whole different approach to development isn't worth it from a business perspective.

On the other hand, I can teach any dev to use specific FP techniques in their existing languages in a couple hours.

Until there's a real use case where a fully FP language is the best and fastest tool for the job, or until some other languages become better at true FP development, this is where we land.

We could change this but it goes back to academia where we teach (incorrect) OOP as classical inheritance. It's hard enough to get Jrs to stop typing "class" or thinking in that way.