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Sinatra x Street Fighter

just wow, thanks for sharing

Making a Dynamically Controlled Form: The Backend

is there any source code there ?

Automating Google Form Submission In Ruby

Thanks for sharing <3

Why you never hear back from companies after your job application?

@nsbraksa when the next chapters will get published ? been 2...

Create new Rails 6 project with Docker

What if i don't want to install rails in my machine and just ...

What's your most re-watchable movie?


How to Learn Penetration Testing: A Beginners Tutorial

Thanks, that was useful!

Resume Review

Thank you <3

Resume Review

your Resume layout is amazing can you tell me how can make ...

You want HOW MANY years experience?!

hhh that cool thing , can you add some php framworks ? i wi...

Let's make a DEV.to CLI... together

2 Super impressive, what a tutorial! 👏👏👏

Episode 001 - The Reference Project - ASP.NET Core: From 0 to overkill

amazing , that what we miss in real life project .

A List of Companies that Hire Jr Devs for Remote Positions


How Do You Decide on Colors in Design?

thanks dude

10 Commonly asked Javascript Interview Questions 2018

thanks !!

[Laravel tips] How to temporarily change a laravel environment variable without updating the .env file

thank you , and nice to see some brothers here

Helpful Laravel open source projects

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aah ok i will translate it , no worries :)


dude can write english ???

How to Improve Your Development Experience

Awesome that was so helpful , thank you

Create a SPA with Laravel and Nuxt

that was so helpful , thank you

Saying "Hello world" using Masonite Framework

hhhhhh this is first time i hear about this framework , it ...

Building a Desktop App with Vue: Electron

thank you