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Discussion on: My Scary First Day as a Developer.

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Peter Ellis

Well done, mate. Welcome to the club.

I agree that it's okay to feel overwhelmed at first (and occasionally later on as well) and yes, looking up even basic stuff is pretty much what we all do from time to time.

What isn't okay is that you appear to have been thrown into this situation without someone specifically assigned to be watching over you and helping out. It's good that the team helped out anyway and it's probably harsh to expect a startup to pay attention to detail like this, but when one day you get into a situation where you're hiring newbies, try to remember what it was like for you and make sure you make it as smooth for them as possible.

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Sumukhesh Author

Thanks mate!!
Yeah even I felt it was unfair but the situation demanded it. Later that week our manager called and appreciated my effort on my first day, and quoted ''Only extreme pressures make Diamonds".
That will stick with me now forever. 😇