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re: Well, when you have a CPU, the lowest programming language that most of us, mere mortals, can write for the CPU is assembler. What C compiler does...

Yeah, that takes me back. That's real programming. Not like the namby-pamby memory managed languages I use these days.


If this is sarcasm, it's a little too good 😂


That it's such a boomer thing to say. Both low and high level programming languages serve their purpose. It's true memory managed languages can be quite slow in execution time and can be resource hungry. On the other hand, you can use C# for example for almost everything and it's suitable for advanced design patterns that are just impossible to implement on C. Unless of course you write your own abstraction level, in which case congrats you just re created C++. Furthermore, C# can be optimized to run almost as fast as C and all executables can be stripped down to run even faster. For Gods sake even python can be optimized to run relatively fast. It all depends on the requirements and the context of the application.

For Gods sake even python can be optimized to run relatively fast.

And you can always write C modules that you then import into Python.


Thanks very much for that link. A copy of same was posted up in the common-room when I was at Uni, and was in my thoughts when I posted my comment, which was, of course, tongue-very-firmly-in-cheek.

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