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Discussion on: Do you have a standing desk? Which one?

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Alvaro Montoro • Edited on

I hate to admit that I got one of the cheapest ones that I found on Amazon: a Flexispot electric standing desk... but I also have to admit that I don't regret the choice:

  • It includes both legs and board (many of the desks for this price only included legs)
  • It has an electric motor to put the desk up and down (with two buttons),
  • It was super simple to assemble (even a clumsy me could do it)
  • It is spacious (48x30, I can work by myself or with a person across from me or by my side)
  • It is really sturdy (metallic legs, composite board)

I'm pretty happy with the purchase to be honest. Especially considering the price ($250-$300).

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A. Matías Quezada

48x30... I guess you're talking inches

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Alvaro Montoro

Yes, sorry. It's 48x30 inches (around 120x75cm)