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Discussion on: Who is your hosting provider?

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Alvaro Montoro

My hosting is with GoDaddy.

I know, I know... I'm about to get heavily criticized. From what I read in some posts online, I think just admitting I used (and use) GoDaddy means that I need to return my developer card as I don't qualify for development or IT work of any type :P

Now in all seriousness: I got the hosting ~13 years ago, with a 10-year contract that cost me peanuts after applying some coupons I found online. Then "renewed" it for another 10 years. And I would need to check for how much but it wasn't too much. I host custom websites that I build in PHP/HTML/JavaScript/CSS (for personal projects) and have never had any issue.

Some pros: it's cheap for new products (with coupons), the customer service has always been fast and useful (little to no wait when calling them), and they offer a variety of options (e.g. Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

Some cons: renewing is expensive (and in many cases, not worth it), the options on the hosting are not that many (outside of PHP/Perl, and "basic" web development), there's a limit on the number of databases which limits my testing sometimes.

Recommendation if you go with them: never renew. If you have an expiring product, get a new one and let the old one expire. It will take you a little bit to do so (exporting/importing data, or settings things up), but you'll save $$$.

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Thomas Bnt Author

Thanks for your feedback of GoDaddy !

Then I don't think I'm using something much too big. I will only need two databases normally and at least 10GB of data.

Indeed, if the price of renewal is expensive and we still have to do this process, it is very problematic...