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Discussion on: Crafting Better Code Reviews

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Alvin Crespo

Awesome article!

I read an article previously about improving code reviews here:

It's interesting you point out the items that can be improved during a review, such as a PR template, including screenshots or just making your commits smaller. These are things I've been practicing for years and sharing with the teams I've worked with.

Personally, it always came down to empathy for me. And just like the article I posted above, it's about asking yourself questions that focus on the person asking for the review. And I think it's a two-way street, the coder should ask specific questions that help the reviewer focus on what they should review and the reviewer should understand the audience and context in order to provide a thorough review - if that makes any sense.

I've started doing self-code reviews, where I basically critique my own code before assigning the PR. This critique will contain comments on the line I need help with or just posing questions that I find will help the reviewer help me out.

Anyways, thanks for the article - I love having data points for this :)