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I would like to receive feedback from the reserved word duplicate check service.

always0ne profile image 황상일 ・1 min read

Hi, we have an open-source project( that can check whether the identifier is already used in the system as keywords or reserved words.
In DMBS market, there are a lot of DMBS. However, since there are so many different kinds of DMBS in the market, there are some different keywords and reserved words among them. moreover, though they are same DBMS, there are some differences among versions.
You can check each version's keywords and reserved words from official website,but it's annoying and complicate.So we integrated them. You just need to check service and version you want to check and enter word.That's it! we also provide alternative if your word is reserved.
We've been updating data DB as well as other environment such as programming language(java, C, etc ..), service language(AWS, google).
Please try our service, give us feedback. We always welcome your feedback. If you are interested in contributing to our service, come to our github repository. You can contribute very easily.(
Additionally, we also do survey to improve our service. It takes only couple of minutes. Thank you for taking part in our survey!(


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