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Discussion on: Why Older People Struggle In Programming Jobs

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Alex Turner

I am 'old' (51) and new (learning to code for 12 months). Background in health and social care. Many parallels to be drawn with your experience albeit in a different industry. Chances are the experience is mirrored to varying degrees across many disciplines. Acquiescence to 'prescribed' innovation becomes a self cancelling condition. The requirement to nod and agree is a lurch towards learned helplessness.

Your observations have helped consolidate some ideas I had about what it might be like to have a 'programming job'. Quite illuminating. Not disappointed, more so glad to be way 'too old' for all of that.

I do though like the idea of spending more time coding. Thinking a way for me is to code up the means to deal with some processes I encounter at work. Currently working on a couple of ideas. Keep heading in that direction seems to be the thing to do.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Great points. At times, I find myself falling into the easy fallacy that all of these issues are somehow limited to tech/programming. But I'm sure that much of this is universal.

But you're right - the time spent actually coding is still incredibly enjoyable. It's definitely the best part of my working life.