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Put some headphones with white noise on repeat or some easy to listen music, close all other browser tabs, etc... With two monitors I usually have a full screen browser window on one screen and an Item/Vim instance (in full screen too).

Do a simple task list, with priorities, don't do anything else besides on what's on that list and don't edit the tasklist until you've finished it.


Do you tackle all your tasks on the list in a random order or do you use any kind of time batching for specific tasks?


I usually write them all in same the order I think about them. After writing everything down, I try to rearrange tasks giving them some priority and dependencies, so in order to achieve task #1 you have to complete task #1.1, #1.2, and so on.

I don't estimate how much time it will take a task, but I just log everything on clockify to get some stats later.

Thanks for providing clarity on this.

Just checked out Clockify. Looks good! My team and I have been using ClickUp so far and it also works well.

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