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Someone else mentioned that, but it doesn't have a markdown interpreter / renderer (as far as I can tell).


Notion renders markdown as you type. Markdown and render view are not independent, if that's what you mean. I use Notion daily for personal use and for work and, so far, it is the best tool I have ever encountered for the job. Notion is not just a markdown editor, but a fully-fledged markdown compliant wiki to create knowledge bases, for instance. Offline support is lacking though.

There are other markdown editors with a split editing / preview pane, which I think I prefer. It makes it easier to copy and paste the markdown to another editor (or to Dev.To).

I understand. You can export markdown from Notion though. 😉


I also started on this journey of finding that perfect markdown editor and ended up with Notion. Obviously markdown editor search will hardly bring notion in result set because its much more than that. But you can use it as markdown editor. It also takes a while to get used to. My biggest problem was I totally forgot I was looking for a markdown editor and just got lost in trying all the goodies of Notion. Again that's me and one may still don't like it as an editor.

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