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Discussion on: Postgres Is Underrated—It Handles More than You Think

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Alejandro • Edited

This article was definitive, it was the last straw. I have been thinking about switching my Java application to postgres from mysql and now I'm in the middle of the process using pgloader and everything has worked as expected.

Yet I have an unresolved question: does it make sense to have a 2nd level cache in Hibernate when postgresql already has caching? thanks!

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Jason Skowronski Author

Thanks I'm glad enjoyed it! The Hibernate second level cache lives on your application server, whereas the postgresql cache lives on the database of course. This matters because it's faster to retrieve or update data already stored on your application server. It reduces network and database load by removing duplicate queries and batching writes. This is great for applications with many reads and infrequent writes, or cases where eventual consistency on writes is acceptable.