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re: I am not saying Material UI is not good, but it just makes everything the same, it is good but it is the same. It is similar to the fluent Microso...

Hey Nayden! I hear what you're saying. Aesthetic choices come and go. That's something I appreciate about the Material-UI components, because even though they have a Material appearance - it can easily be customized. Its the functionality of their components that really is exciting.

Thanks for chiming in!

Ps. Oh, I use android. :)


haha :) good one :)) especially the ps. ;)

I know that the fomponents for android can have a customized theme but not many people do that and I am not sure about the web as well ... for example material ui for angular is it easy customizable I will check ;) few years ago when everyone was using jqueryUI the jqueryUI had such an amazing themes and even some theme manager/editor but for material ui I dont think we are there yet

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