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Discussion on: Crafting Better Code Reviews

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Ariel Caplan

Lots of really good pointers here! I can't wait to see the full talk when it comes out on Confreaks.

FWIW, Kent Beck did some number crunching on Facebook's code reviews and found that to minimize the amount of time it takes for code to be reviewed, the ideal number of reviewers to request is 1. (This is in a context where 1 review is needed but you can request from multiple people that they be that 1 reviewer.) Once you request multiple reviewers, chances are there will be diffusion of responsibility and no one will get to it for a while. If it's on the plate of someone specific, though, they feel a responsibility to get it done.

Otherwise, I can't see much to argue with here, and there's a LOT of stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do the research, crunch the numbers on the results, and share with all of us.