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re: To be honest I hadn't had a problem either but I've never worked on a massively large Vue app either. Maybe they could have just introduced a diffe...

You can get clashes in the Function API too, if you spread together the return values of several useXXX() functions and return them in setup().

@ju66ernaut It is a design problem, but for example if you have two mixins both fetching a remote API, you need to be extra creative on the isLoading property name to avoid clashing, and check every other mixin to be 100% safe. Another problem is that if you use two third party libraries as mixins and they both declare a property, computed, or method with the same name you are pretty much out of options.

@amcsi Yes, but with the spread operator you are explicitly merging the keys and somehow take full responsibility of what can potentially clash 😄. With mixins your only option is to rename one of the properties, which can be problematic or even not possible if mixins come from 3rd party libs.

I don't wanna convince you that 3.x API is 100% better than the current, but as you can see the current implementation has some issues that cannot be solved easily

@matteorigon I would not think clashing mixin names is a design issue where vuejs is 100% responsible. Forgoing elegance and simplicity to cater for individuals with thoughtless mixin naming is absurd. Maybe another solution could be suggested where intelligent mixin prefixing could help solve this problem.

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