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re: Well that was really a complete waste of time. As this is news to us?

I don't think calling this a waste of time is a very productive comment to leave. That being said, it wasn't a waste of time as it was a subject that I had to address yesterday after some arrogant developer told a dear friend of mine that she wasn't a real developer because she used Visual Studio Code... I figure if one arrogant developer needed to hear it, there were probably more out there who didn't get the memo.


wasn't a real developer because...

I've heard such things before and been laughing with the guy who said them 5 minutes later. Might just be a high-aggro culture thing.

But yeah in general this sort of "not a real _____ because _____" starts to remind me of bagpipes.


I apologize I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I get your point ai guess I was not looking at the bigger picture. I’m not usually a very judgemental person . I guess what I was thinking is is that of course someone is a developer if they use any or all text editors or IDEs and that it was strange anyone would think otherwise. My bad


Apology accepted.

Conveying emotion and meaning is tough in text-based communications. The meaning we intended is sometimes lost because the reader cannot hear our tone of voice or inflection so they will insert their own. Not knowing you or the way you communicate, I read your response in the tone of voice I have come to expect from a stranger on the Internet. For that, I apologize. I shouldn't have assumed hostile intent.

Thanks for taking the time to come back and clarify what you meant.


I second this. What a nonsensical thing to say. Dissolving and defusing that certain antagonistic sense which leads to gatekeeping and exclusion is a worthy endeavour, and I thank you for taking the time to publish this much needed take that goes BEYOND a developer's particular preference of IDE. Cheers!

This right here is why I wrote this. If we make apps, we're developers. Period. If you use Visual Studio Code, you're a developer. If you are using nothing but Notepad and Netscape Navigator, you're a developer. I don't understand why there is this subset of "uppity" developers who believe that their tools are the only valid tools but they exist... and I would be glad to see them leave the field if they can't change their ways.

There is already too much exclusion in tech. I'm not going to sit back and watch aspiring developers walk away from financial security just because some butthole wants to feel superior.

Thanks for having my back here!

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