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Discussion on: What IDE do you use for coding and why?

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Amandeep Singh

VSCode, Intellij CE, and vim. I have configured both VSCode and Intellij CE to use the same shortcuts. Intellij is good for java but you will have to purchase it for other languages. VSCode works superbly for golang. Besides, VSCode has number of really cool plugins. For example, I can use REST-API call, Kubernetes, helm right there from the IDE.

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Uriel Bitton Author

yes thats what I'm hearing vscode has great plugins. Cool man!

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Charly S.

The rest api plugin in VSCode is so cool. There's one in Atom but the one in VSCode is a bit better. Really great for testing and design.

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Anna • Edited

Intellij actually has a lot of good plug-ins made by Jetbrain themselves for other language support aside from Java. Pretty much every vscode plugin also exists in intellij as well.