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Discussion on: How to grow in a developer career despite being introvert?

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Ruth • Edited

I agree. Communication is like any other skill, so it requires practice to get the hang of it. As an awkward high schooler, I used to spend more time reading than socializing until I found the self help section of my library. Books that helped include "how to make friends and influence people" and "the idiot's guide to body language".

Something I'm currently getting over is maintaining network relations. My introvert brain has the habit of not wanting to bug people. I end up waiting until I need something to reach out for help, so I never ask for it because I don't want to be the person who only shows up for help! To fix this, I've set out to send friendly correspondence randomly. Doesn't need to be anything big, a simple "long time no chat, how are you?"

I do end up tiring myself pretty quick, but I've noticed a higher tolerance over the years! 😆

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Leonardo Teteo Author

I will look for the books. Thanks!
The people from my current company are very approachable so I don't have much reluctance in asking for help there when I need, but in my last job it was really a problem. It is a bad habit indeed. Not want to interrupt people also lead to not saying anything when you should.