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re: I love these points and as an unabashed Clojure fan, I honestly cannot say that there is any one thing which constitutes a killer app for the langu...

Well JS has its place and its unlikely to yield for the time being.

But I wouldn't go so far to say that there will never be a big change. I've seen radical changes (as illustrated above).

Python is popular because of numpy and because its being taught as a first language. People are doing with Python what they used to be doing with Matlab (and previously Fortran). But we're at a unique point in history where a whole new generation is being trained in Python and JS is one of the most important languages out there. So for the first time in history we have a dynamically typed language as a main introductory language. When these people become decision makers its going to affect what technologies are used.

But Python and JS live in different worlds.

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