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Discussion on: Have you ever worked with an engineer who never leveled up?

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I think many companies view the world unrealistically.. And expect that they can add people like pieces of a puzzle and all will just magically fall into place.

I prefer to see a company as an evolving organization of evolving people. The people need to grow, build new capacities, and so does the company. I think successful companies are those that know how to nurture they're people's capacity as well as that of the organization.

Regarding junior programmers, I've often found more success with then than "senior" programmers. Maybe our expectation has been too high or we haven't yet learned how to do so, but we had trouble making senior developers "level up" in many cases, while the juniors were eager to do so. Our home grown senior developers (we have very low attrition) tend to be better than the ones we try to bring in. But that may be our own idiosyncrasy.

But definitely its important that people be able to evolve hand in hand with the organization (and the organization hand in hand with the people). That is key.