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The article started strong on why you like Maven. However towards the end you mention that you will most probably end up having to move to Gradle instead. I cannot find the reasons why you would do that in the article.
If maven is: mature, reliable, widely adopted, requires right configuration and no scripting and on top of that it is a technology you like, why would you have to move to Gradle instead?


The reason is simply because a lot of projects are using it, including in the company I work for. No other reason than that really.


Great to hear! It could be a good idea to highlight this reason in the article as well. I'm rather new with maven, currently looking for best way to learn the basics on it. That's how I ran into your article.

Do you have any recommendations on tutorials/good articles to start with to gain some hands on experience? (This might also be a good topic for a new post on


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