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re: To be completely honest I don't see a problem with using "guys" when referring to a group because it is implied that there could be gals included i...

Hi TMcSquared! First, the original wasn't using "guys" to refer to a group of people, but "new guy" which would never apply to a non-male person. Don't you think it's suspicious that gals have to be implied, but men are always explicitly mentioned? Second, people that identify as male have no problem feeling included by "guys" because it includes them in every case, it's not the same for other gender identities. And if you take into account that this industry (and many others) is known for not being as welcoming as it could be to other non-guy identities, and the efforts being made to change that, avoiding unnecessarily gendered words is a big step. Language shapes the way we process reality. Changing the way we express ourselves is not something minor, it has the power to change our perception, and ultimately the world.

Oh, and I'm a native Spanish speaker, so I know how gendered it is and how it reflects hispanic perceptions.

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