Youtube Chapters - How to Add

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First of All What is Youtube Channels?

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You see how the TimeStamps is dividing the video in Chapters/
This helps the viewer get exactly what they're looking for, get an idea what all will be discussed in the videos and also save time, if the viewer want to skip to a specific chapter.

How to Add?

How to Add Chapters to your videos? For that you just need to mention the timestamps in the description. That's it !!

Let me show an Example

For this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=66owdRkc8pI
Description I added -

0:00 Start
0:18 Web Crawler & Indexing
0:54 Example 
2:13 Dynamic Rendering on React (SSR)
4:22 Next.js
7:56 Summarizing

Don't Forget to put 0:00 otherwise chapters will not show as in the image shown above. Click on the video link to see chapters in action.

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