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Discussion on: Do I NEED a personal website/portfolio?

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Azizul Haque Ananto

I found it useful when I started doing freelancing, cause your work talks, people usually like to see what you have done. So I made my first one two years back, I dedicatedly spent a week's worth of work, made it from scratch using Django 😅 -

But recently just spent a couple of hours to make a modern one using Stackbit - You can also use static site generators like Gatsby and deploy on Github page or Netlify. I would suggest using an MDX CMS like NetlifyCMS, as you can use the markdowns as your CMS. So make one! 😃

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Sara Cunningham Author

Great thanks so much! I love both of your websites, the one you made on Django is super cool and I love the transitions. Ya I was thinking about doing Gatsby or and deploy it on Github or something. I actually used an HTML 5 UP site, but it's not up and running yet. You can check out my post on that if you would like!