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Discussion on: Zero: A fast and high performance Python RPC like framework to make microservices

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Azizul Haque Ananto Author

Ah the famous question 😅
The answer is gRPC is more famous than Zero 😜

Jokes apart, gRPC has much more control with many languages support and with a huge community maintained by Google. If you use gRPC you should.

Zero is a newborn baby and it only supports Python. To be honest the power of Zero over gRPC is - Zero focus on faster delivery of a product and service. I am working on supporting Pydantic, using that the code generated client will be self sufficient, no need to design proto or anything, and these clients can be generated with just connecting to the server. Where in gRPC you will find it's really hard to know about the classes and object types and every time you need to follow the proto and generated code etc.

But it's not only the code generation or static typing war. It's just preference, to run a ZeroServer you need no other prior knowledge and it's super simple, you even don't need to know about the wsgi things. Also the protocol is different, it's zeromq over tcp. So there is no war actually, I love gRPC and I prefer it. But Zero is something that wants to have a place in the Python ecosystem for faster and easy development.

Please share your thoughts, I would like to know people's view on this and how Zero can evolve 😃