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re: Oh god, this reminds how much I hope people stop implementing these things and making the awful autoplay videos that then follow me around when I d...

This is based on user interaction. The user has an option to enable/disable the PiP mode.


Nah, typically it's based on the assumption that the user WANTS it, and "giving me an option" to disable it is just not right. If I, as a brand new user, land on your website and start scrolling past some video, and suddenly it pops out and starts following me around and I then have to stop what I was doing to close that thing, that's not ok.

These things additionally often have awful bugs where e.g. the autoplay on the video might be disabled otherwise (as it ALWAYS should be unless specifically on Youtube or other purely video content website), but then when the video pops out and starts following me around it suddenly starts playing by itself and then I first close it, and then I have to find where it vanished so I can try to figure out how that custom video player (please guys, stop doing that) can be paused. Worst case scenario I have to open developer tools and just delete the DOM nodes to make that thing shut up.

It's like spamming me with popups asking me if I want to sign up for your newsletter, or if I want desktop notifications from your random site? The answer is always no, and developers thinking they are doing good because they're giving me an option to say no is enough, is what pisses me off and why I need so many browser extensions.

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