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re: BTW some feedback about this: "Please use Chrome to view the examples". Seriously? Let's better design for the web (i.e. standards) not for (one ...

We shouldn't limit ourselves as developers and shouldn't be afraid to try out new things. If one browser doesn't support a certain property we can always add a fallback and make use of new capabilities on the browser that does support the property. We don't shy away from adding non-supported javascript on browser by adding polyfills and feature detection methods then why should we shy away from trying new capabilities in CSS.

And by stating - "Please use Chrome to view the examples", I am not advocating Chrome only websites but the reason was simple enough so that people can actually see the examples.


Okay, fine. Understood. And obviously, I agree with your polyfill/fallback part.
Anyway, I keep my point that sentences like these ("use XY for viewing this!") create a bad incentive/habit. Anyway, it gets off-topic, so let's agree to disagree. :)

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