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Discussion on: Trust – The Power of Being a Better Neighbour

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Anastasiya Flynn

"All the brand trust the advocate built up was with the individual advocate... This can be a scary thought for management who are looking at taking on advocacy in a more deliberate way."

This is a really interesting concept. Now that I think about it, when employees have a positive work experience, support the values of the company, and leave on good terms, I think they remain forever advocates to some extent.

And good advocates take time to publicly show appreciation for the company and team that made their travel/presentation possible, so some of that trust should be getting rubbed off back on the company.

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Jason St-Cyr Author

That's a lot of "if" situations though, which is where it becomes more of a challenge for an organization to make the business case. I think organically there is more acceptance of this need for the role, and if an organization is doing all the things you listed, that is definitely going to be a great place to advocate for!