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The C in PHP - Merry Christmas 🎄

So long and thanks for all the code!

It's Christmas time and we've seen a lot of different sides of PHP. If the C in PHP stands for Christmas, where does that C actually come from? Well, all this goodness that is PHP comes from everyone that contributes to the language, uses it, writes about it and talks about it. It's the PHP community that makes this a story of sharing and caring. In short: it's Christmas!

For this final article in the series we look back at previous articles. When I started writing this series I hoped to share all that I learned along the way, and hopefully learn something from you as well. I can happily say that I have grown.

All in all, I have written 24 articles, and I dare not think about how many hours of reading and writing that entail (but WakaTime did that for me and counted 28 hours). But let me share with you a bit of your participation in this series.

Engagement and read times per article in the series
Overall, the engagement rate has increased over time. If the articles were a bit longer then the engagement rate dropped a bit. (Engagement rate is interactions per views in percent)

My most popular (or infamous) article is probably Do they know it's C in PHP 🎄. It has been viewed 11907 times. This is however quite an arbitrary measurement as many views came from outside of DEV, which meant less engagement. Which article garnered the most engagement then?

Well, it was It's the most insecure code in the world. It got 7% engagement rate (that is likes and comments per view). I like to see what you are interested in, and perhaps it was a strong title, or an engaging subject. Overall though, it was pretty fun to write but it got more attention than I expected.

My personal favourite is Is PHP search trends a WordPress phenomena?. I thought it intriguing to see how dependent the search popularity between the two are. If you haven't checked it out, I recommend you to.

Now, if you were to read all of my articles, DEV expects you to spend about 61 minutes reading them. Myself am quite a slow reader when it comes to technical subjects so it would probably be double that.

And in closing, I want to thank all of you that have read my articles or commented. You have viewed my articles 40092 times, and reacted in some way 298 times. These are not astronomical numbers but they have meant a lot to me.

Did you have a favourite or learned something new throughout this series?

🎅🤶 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 🐘🎁

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Logan Lindquist

I think this is a great idea and should continue every year!

andersbjorkland profile image
Anders Björkland

Thanks Logan 😊
Next year I'm going to start writing earlier. This time I got the idea one week before December 😅