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Discussion on: Learning to code at(after)40: an update

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drew Author

That's a fair point. I'm familiar with bootstrap (my pathetic website is currently built with that), so I have that going for me at least. I've been toggling between JavaFX and Android development next, and I already have Tim's java course. I tried to run the android emulator on my current laptop and it chugged, so I guess I'll be needed an upgrade soon. Which do you work with more between react and angular?

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Hi Drew, I have done a little work with Angular and really like it however in discussion with many people who I have worked with it seems most favour react and prefer it as from what I hear Angular can get a little messy and difficult to maintsin and update. I have done alittle work with react and quite like that too :-)

I think in the future if I am to do any front end work it would be with react.

At your stage now I would concentrate on your java and understanding the Object Oriented principles. Especially the use of interfaces although it is important to have a good knowledge of the language itself the important thing is to know the principles behind it, this will always be useful going forward especially when you start looking at other languages (such as JavaScript) that do not impose to many restrictions on how you write your code.
A good working knowledge of collections and generics and an understanding of inner classes should suffice as far as the technical part of the language. Then moving on to enterprise java would be very useful, understanding how to connect to databases using jdbc then moving on to looking at things like the jpa, jms and creating rest services.
Currently most organisations are moving on to using Spring Boot so that could be a good aim for you further out. Once you have tried that then I would look at the front end and how to hook up any type of front end (because you can) to a rest service using ajax would stand you in good stead and give you an idea with regards to full stack development and how some of the large organisations put their systems together.
I hope that helps and I know it's a lot but just remember it's a journey and take it step by step and if I can be of any help drop me a line.

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drew Author

I really appreciate the information. It's definitely difficult at this stage to visualize how things hook up in the early stages, but I know I'll get there eventually. I'm committed to learning this thoroughly, I'd love to hit you back later as I go. I have a RL friend who works as a Java developer, but he really has no interest in programming so it's nice to talk to people who enjoy it.