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„I'm an expert in some things, good at others, and quite green in many others. That will be true of every developer for their entire careers, and I am no exception!“ - Jason C. McDonald

Where can I sign?

Ahhh yes, forgot the bragging...
we had an external developer, who should write some merging of two data sources. It ran for about 2h before some scheduler decided to kill a hanging process. It was about 50k entries each and should have taken much less time, so I took a look. After i was done, it was done in under 5 minutes and I did not have to do much.
Saving intermediate search results to have them available saved a huge portion of the time. Early fail returns in comparisons another big chunk.

But to show the other side as well: I am currently into learning F# and I fail even on the simplest of tasks, which I could do in my sleep in C# or C++.

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