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Discussion on: If you could change one thing about learning to code, what would it be?

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Andreas Jakof • Edited

I mean I learned to code in this setting:

  1. C++ Newbie (did some Pascal and Delphi before, but never profesionally before)
  2. Massive Mutithreading
  3. Peer-2-Peer (not Filesharing but metadata transport) with static application layer routing.
  4. Cross-Platform
  5. Reverse engineering a RS-485 BUS protocol to access hardware connected to it.

I had some help and the internet - was my dearest friend after some time.
I did my first polymorphism and Factory pattern (did not even know its name) and all in all I was pretty naive and even came up with an idea of using the exception mechanism in the usual program flow. It was pretty elegant, but the others did not like it because „exceptions“ should be an „exception“ and not the usual case. After some reading I understood why (stack rewinding and undefined states).

What I want to say: the learning curve was very (very, very) steep. And I loved it all the way!

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Andreas Jakof

This was 10 years ago. And even though I changed to C# (currently looking into F#).

Until today I always try to do something differently the second time I have to do something I already know how to.