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Discussion on: Why the Accenture/Hertz affair is no news to me

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Andrei Dascalu • Edited on

I'll skip over your calculations and so on (IMHO, they are hugely optimistic, paying those salaries means that company wants to manage a disposable dev department internally - otherwise you'd wrap those devs into a company, where you'd need to add a few people on top of that for management, recruitment, accounting, HR, etc, lots of extra expenses and that company will add a markup for profit on top whereas internalising the process adds a bit less monetary costs but probably more time).

Costs aside, there's one thing I learned working in outsourcing: bottom dollar devs might be technically excellent but they rarely have the grit to stand up to managerial pressure to give bottom dollar estimates to ensnare customers. Plus said management tend to ignore devs anyway in the initial phases of a bid.

I work for a smaller outsourcing outfit and one thing I keep hearing is that we need to find ways to lower estimates, do it simpler and so on. Years in the field and I still don't have a way to convincingly explain the hidden later costs of pushing for bottom dollar (in fact maximise profit) from the beginning.

Customers throw money at such companies because the middlemen know how to make deals sweet and they get the impression that if you have a contract, then things will go as written.

As a dev ... you'd think the easiest way is to not work in such environments, but you do get more than decent salaries and everything is sweet until something like this happens and you get the ire plus the stress of explaining that you tried to explain crap that might go down to managers that don't even speak your language.

I hope Hertz will take it all the way, for whatever good that will do. Accenture has > 10 billion in revenue, 32M is a drop in that bucket. They'll keep doing what they do anyway + likely those 10 billion can buy enough PR and legal support to ensure this case doesn't make a dent in their activity.