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I deleted my Facebook account years ago because it just felt like a toxic environment and back then they had all of those data leaks of users data too. I do have a new Facebook account now but I only use it for talking to friends on Facebook Messenger. I would be keen to try a social media detox at some point but first I would need to complete the #100DaysOfCode challenge :)

I also use social media for getting news updates but considering how negative this year is (coronavirus) it would be better to just take a break from it all.


Focus on one thing at a time sounds great! I did a code everyday challenge back in May and it felt very taxing so I can't imagine 100 days! (It was also my most productive month so I don't regret it 😄 )

For news I started a subscription on a news paper that I read a couple times a week to stay up to date on the most important things.


Being forced to code for at least 1 hour a day for 100 days is pretty exhausting I am on day 60. However my programming has improved and I have created new projects which never would have happened. Prior to starting the challenge I was barely doing any coding and I felt demotivated because of covid...

I suppose that getting news from one source must really cut down on all that noise that comes from getting news from multiple news networks it gets overwhelming.

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