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Discussion on: How I prepared for interviews

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Andrew Baisden

Not so sure about this part.

"Recruiters do not expect you to know 3 languages and 5 different new technologies especially if it is your first time getting a software engineering job. Having too many skills on your resume makes it look ingenuine."

In my experience recruiters do not always read your resume and they make assumptions right from the start. Like for example having your portfolio right at the top and then the recruiter tells you that they have read your resume but they still ask you if you have a portfolio. Red flag right off the bat. And then assuming that you know all javascript frameworks because you have javascript listed as a skill.

These days many developers are polygots so I don't think its a bad thing listing too many skills as long as you really do know them. After all these companies put out job specifications full of skills that they are looking for so you might as well show them what you can do instead of hiding it in my opinion.