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Discussion on: JavaScript Interview Question #18: What's the sum of two booleans in JavaScript?

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Andrew Bridge

Not two booleans, but a standard for a sort handler I use is:

.sort((a, b) => {
   if (a === b) return 0;
   return ((a < b) * 2) - 1;
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(albeit a and b are often objects I'm pulling comparable values out of)

The sort result either needs to be below 0 or above 0 depending on whether a is before or after b. The nested boolean becomes a 0 or a 1, multiplied by 2 it's either 0 or 2, so subtracting 1 will given a final -1 or +1 result, which is exactly to the .sort spec.

There are also various code golf type tricks that boolean can use boolean maths in some way, but it's otherwise not that useful.

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Justin Mitchell

Smart way of sorting, that's really taking advantage of how JS works. Can't do that in strongly typed languages.