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Discussion on: AWS open source news and updates #73

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

@094459 do you think you could provide more contextual headings of the context of the articles.

Headings like this "AWS open source news and updates #73" don't tell much and more contextual headings would for improve user discovery within DEV

Also DEV has a series feature, so you can group your newsletter into a continuous series.

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Ricardo Sueiras Author

Thanks Andrew, I have thought about that - if you look at the very early versions of this newsletter I did exactly that. I moved to this model as it seemed that many newsletters following the approach of {standard "brand name"}{version} followed by a paragraph that outlines what is covered. So I have tried to do that, let everyone know what they can expect so they can either skip and save time or read on. I did know about the series but that feature did not really work well - once you get over a certain number the UX looked a bit odd so it was a conscious choice to not use that (also, I publish externally, so did not want to do anything that would not provide a consistent reading experience)

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

it's flooding the AWS organization and it's not great for discoverability.
Consider updating your heading, regardless of what is being practiced in other places for newsletter naming convention.