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Discussion on: LinkedIn is for Losers? Think Again. From 💰 100k+ to 200K+ job opportunities. 🛠 Hacks Included.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 Author

Hi Juneau,

I can see you live in the GTA. Go to tech meetups listed on such as

  • ServerlessToronto
  • DevTO
  • TechTO
  • Lunch && Learn
  • AWS Toronto User Group
  • Ruby on Rails Meetup
  • React Meetup
  • Scala Toronto Meetup
  • BigData and DataScientist Meetup

Try to volunteer your time if they will allow you to.

Look for events at MaRS or any of the economic development centers in the GTA and attend.

Whatever your skill is start sharing it for free.

Get a LinkedIn with a Profile Photo, and same here get a Profile Photo on your Nobody wants to spend their time helping or networking with an anonymous person online because it feels like time wasted.

There are lots of opportunities in the GTA.
If you can figure out a way to get free or inexpensive tickets to Collision Conf that would be ideal as well.

Find a tech mentor in Toronto. There are plenty of senior entrepreneurs that will mentor you to grow your network if you in exchange but time in and do busy work and menial tasks for them.

From this article, I received 400+ connections on LinkedIn in 2 days asking feedback on their LinkedIn Profile. That is menial work for myself but I do it without thinking what my return will be.

Instead of thinking "what can I get out of this?", think "how I can help someone today?"

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Juneau Lim

Thank you for the thoughtful comment! It's good I am at least volunteering several places already. I was shocked by the number +500, so thought If I Should massively send connection requests. What a great work of yours! A admire it.