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re: We have tried mithril before and it was quite frustrating... Lemme tell you the story We wanted a simple framework for SPA, esp. once we saw that ...

Its a story with of holes. I don't doubt it may have been frustrating.

It depends on what version of Mithril you were using when you say X didn't work. Before version 1 you had to be comfortable understanding the underlying architecture of web-frameworks.

I can build my own web-framework in a weekend so my perception of easy may be skewed.

What I like about mithril codebase is its an incredibly small and sane framework.

I can open it up read, repair and debug any problem that I could have and I can't say the same for Vue, Angular or React.

Sadly Mithril will be a footnote because the developer ecosystem and plugins are not there.

Vue I would say is the framework I hate the most.
Vue does not play well with Typescript
Vue is painful to turn into isomorphic javascript.
The quality and consistency of their plugins are terrible (looking at you Axios).
Vue architectural choices makes it poor for automation.

Angular I would say is the framework that is most productive, convention and well documented. I don't care for its size or how it bought into some of the concepts that React purports as what needs to be in a web-framework but you can't win them all.

I am cursed with all this web-framework knowledge and so I tend to avoid web-frameworks all together.

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