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re: hi, sorry for leaving any confusion, here is the challenge and solution: We are actually using a code editor...

This is the result you want

Input : n = 3, m = 3
        a[] = { 1, 2, 3 }
        b[] = { 2, 1, 4 }
Output : 337
123 + 214 = 337

Input : n = 4, m = 3
        a[] = { 9, 5, 4, 9 }
        b[] = { 2, 1, 4 }
Output : 9763

There you go

def join_array_sum a, b
    a.join('').to_i + b.join('').to_i

I know this is not what you want, but I know a CompSci grad can regurgitate the solution in minutes. However, it turns out to be a poor indicator for hire because then I have to spend 3-6 months teaching them AWS, how to probably commit a feature to a repo, how to work with a web framework.

Honestly, just want people meeting business objectives. There are hundreds of books and online solutions where if and when you need to you can produce this result when needed.

I needed OpenCV to crop the whitespace out of a photo so I put my co-founder on it. He never used python, his background is not web-dev (network engineer), he had it working in 30mins.

I put a comp-sci grad on it and they couldn't get it working with a full week timeline. Yet they can solve these puzzles. Make sense of that.

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