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Discussion on: Top 10 errors from 1000+ Ruby on Rails projects (and how to avoid them)

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

Hey Phil,

I do have AWS WAF video tutorials but I have not had time to publish them.

For AWS WAF they have a WAF marketplace where you can purchase WAF rules that will filter them out for you. So AWS WAF I believe can cost around $7 per / month. The purchased rules from a vendor vary but can be additional $20 on top per month.

To be cost-effective you can just write your own rules in AWS WAF and this is what I do. You can add rules based on regex patterns and so I just look in my rollbar for bizarre routes with bizarre User Agents and I add them to my AWS WAF ruleset. I also prefer this approach because I get to familiarize myself with the kind of traffic.

AWS has a free CloudFormation in the AWS Docs that sets up a honey pot for you. I've modified this template for myself to deal with and be alerted of scrapers.

Thank you for sharing more information on the variety of SIMs.
Wireless and Super SIM I didn't investigate so maybe there is something feasible here.
I appreciate you dug that up for me.